We are Change - Makers!

The power of prayer, a word of encouragement, serving others, these are great ways to bring about positive change.

Men's Prayer Meeting


Every Saturday morning the men and boys of Heritage gather in the chapel to share burdens and requests and pray for our country, church, and families. It is a moment out of our busy weeks to share our burdens and blessings with one another and bring them to the Lord.


A brief devotional is given by one of the men followed by donuts and coffee in the Fellowship Hall. This is an opportunity for men to grow in the Lord and grow in friendship.

Saturdays @7:30AM in the Chapel

LEADER: Mike Tangeman

Clubs & Choirs

There are great opportunities outside of Sunday classes for children to grow in their love for Jesus
Children in School

Master Clubs

3 Years - 5th Grade

Master Clubs is a Bible club for Kids 3 years old through the 5th grade. The club meets every Wednesday night starting at 6:45PM and goes to the end of the church service. Children can be dropped off in the gymnasium where a helpful staff member will assist them to their classes. Master Clubs are designed to evangelize, disciple, teach, train, and provide opportunities to serve for all children. During the school year, the children will work through books, earning badges, while learning about the Bible. The kids will also have Game Time and Bible Time throughout the year.

Every Wednesday Evening @6:45PM in the Gymnasium

LEADERS: Eric & Beth Bischoff

Jr Choirs (Currently Suspended)

4 Years Old - 5th Grade

3 Years - 5th Grade

At Heritage our children's music program is divided into two separate choirs: Primaries and Juniors.

Our goal is to instill the love for praising the Lord and glorifying His name. Children's choirs lay the foundation for learning how to praise the Lord through music, and teach the elementary principles of music and the role music has in worship.