"We will never be able to reflect God's Words
until our lives reflect His ways." —PASTOR AMSBAUGH





The story of Heritage Baptist Church is a story of the grace, glory, and power of God. Following God’s leading, Pastor Michael E. Edwards and his family started Heritage Baptist Church in June of 1981. It all began in humble rental facilities at Potomac Senior High School. God blessed in a great way with souls saved and saints brought together to help this new work.


In 1982, the Lord provided an opportunity to purchase an older, vacated church building. God had placed Heritage right where He wanted them. In 1984, the largest retail outlet mall on the east coast was built near the church. The skyrocketing land values allowed Heritage to sell their old building and purchase the beautiful campus where the ministry is now located.


The Heritage ministry now includes the Christian School, Sunday school bus outreach, the Heritage Institute of Ministry, Spanish services, and a world-wide outreach supporting over 190 missions projects. Through the use of preaching and worship, Heritage strives to present the timeless message of Jesus Christ in a clear and relevant way.

In 2018, Dr. Michael Edwards became Pastor Emeritus of Heritage Baptist Church. After 37 years as Senior Pastor of Heritage and 41 years of pastoral ministry, the Lord directed Dr. and Mrs. Edwards to begin Share Point Ministries. Share Point Ministries is designed to allow Dr. and Mrs. Edwards to share their experience in pastoral ministry, to encourage other ministry couples and congregations, and above all to share Jesus Christ with a needy world.

Pastor Emeritus Michael Edwards

Share Point Ministries

Pastor Jeff Amsbaugh took over the leadership of Heritage Baptist Church from Pastor Edwards in June of 2018. Pastor Amsbaugh believes that the greatest tribute to the past is to continually build upon the foundation that has been laid. Though the leadership at Heritage has changed, its direction has not. It is still an independent, fundamental Baptist church which believes in the inerrant truth of the Word of God.


God is desirous to bless us and to take our ministry to new heights – heights beyond our comprehension. God does not desire for us to be comfortable with our heritage to the exclusion of future investment. He has called us to invest what we have been given in order that it might be returned to Him in better condition than when it was first bestowed. As we step out as faithful and fearless servants, we can expect the Lord to bless our efforts.