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Bible Classes

Single or married? Starting your career or retired? No matter your stage in life, there is a place for you.

Room 205


Often the first years of college are a challenging time of transition. The college ministry is designed to help students navigate this life-transition, with clarity through biblical direction. The fellowship times are fun and engaging. The teaching focuses on Bible principles that give insight into making Godly decisions and seeking God's will for one's life. Monthly activities provide a time to hang out with friends and find some fun and encouragement. Please come and join other college students who are letting God prepare their lives for their futures.

College Bible Class  9:00AM  

Room 205


First 4 Years

LEADERS: Jeremy & Laura Buschman

Room 115

Happy Family

The Family Foundations Sunday School class is geared toward younger couples with small children who are interested in developing a relationship with God and fellowshipping with other couples and their families. The studies focus on God’s teachings in the Bible and applying the lessons in our daily lives. If you are interested, we would love to get to know you!

Family Foundations Bible Class  9:00AM   Room 115

Family Foundations

LEADERS: Steve & Heather Douglas

Room 102

Senior couple smiling.jpg

This class is intended for single adults in their middle years. Those adults in an established career tend to deal with different struggles and pressures than those entering the full-time work place. Finding other singles your age will help encourage you and offer Bible solutions to questions you may have.

Young at Heart Bible Class  9:00AM 

Room 102

Young at Heart

LEADERS: Mike & Christy Tangeman

Room 203

Woman Reading

Everybody needs some help and encouragement. Heritage Baptist Singles' Bible class gives you a place to belong and fit-in. The class provides Bible teaching that is specific to the challenges and needs that you face as single adults. They also provide mentoring and friendship; a place to have your questions answered and your needs met.

Single Adults Bible Class  9:00AM  

Room 203

Single Adults
18+ to 25

LEADERS: Jeremy & Carolyn Hodge



Homebuilders was created to ground couples in the Scriptures and to encourage them to grow in their personal relationship with God.


The second purpose for the Homebuilders class is to help people grow in their role of husband/wife and parenting Jr & Sr teens. The teaching schedule includes both instruction in basic Biblical doctrines and principles as well as other topical material applicable to marriage and family. 


Home Builders Bible Class  9:00AM


Home Builders

LEADERS: Brian & Marianne Kosa

Room 204

Woman Reading.jpg

Looking for a connection to someone who understands? Then, this is the space for you. Whether you are a single woman dealing with the demands of a career, a retired lady who finds herself caring for grandchildren, or anywhere in between, Women of the Word offers support and hope along the path of life. This class is for ladies who normally attend Sunday School alone looking to study the Bible with other women.

Women of the Word Bible Class  9:00AM  Room 204

Women of the Word

LEADER: Jana Crawford


Bride and Groom

The New Beginning's class is designed to help couples see how God’s Word can be used to guide them into a solid and wonderful relationship with their spouse.  God’s Word is studied with diligence and purpose, looking to see how it can be applied in practical living.  


This class focuses on couples who have been married 0-5 years.

New Beginnings Bible Class  9:00AM  Library

New Beginnings



LEADERS: Ronn & Barb Johnson


Bible Lessons

This class focuses on meeting the growing need for people to understand the Bible from a Biblical worldview. The class is a mixture of ages, personalities and life situations with both couples and singles and several whose spouses do not attend. The membership is eager to meet new people and serve the Lord. Many class members are active in ministries within the church. The objective of the class is to grow in love for the Lord and understand him better. It's also just a really great place to get together with really genuine people.

Berean Bible Class  9:00AM 


Berean Class

LEADER: Tim Renner

Fellowship Hall

Smiling Senior Couple

At Heritage Baptist Church, we strive to give equal attention to all age groups. Our senior citizens group is called Prime Timers. We encourage this group that God has great plans for their lives, and so we try to provide many opportunities for spiritual growth and activities.  The key to being young at heart is being active in the Lord.


They meet in the Fellowship Hall every Sunday at 9:00AM for coffee, refreshments, and a Bible lesson.


Prime Timers Bible Class  9:00AM Fellowship Hall

Prime Timers

LEADERS: Mark & Cheryl Bischoff

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