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Pastor Mark Carpenter, Senior Pastor

Pastor Mark and Rachael Carpenter

We have a great heritage at Heritage. Over the last 39 years, our pastor, staff, and congregation have worked faithfully and professionally to build upon Christ, the only sure foundation. 

God certainly does not want us to manage what we have been given and return it to Him with minimal or no investment (Matt. 25:24-27). God has called us to invest what we have been given in order that it might be returned to Him in better condition than when it was first bestowed (Matt. 25:1-23). This requires us to be full of faith (Matt. 25:21, 23) and devoid of fear (Matt. 25:25).

As we step out as faithful and fearless servants, we can expect the Lord to bless our efforts.  God is desirous to bless us and to take our ministry to new heights – heights beyond our  comprehension  (Eph. 3:20). God does not desire for us to be comfortable with our heritage to the exclusion of future investment.

The greatest tribute to the past is continual building upon the foundation that has been laid. Let us pray that God will help us to take the church to a level that is above anything that has previously existed. 

Pastor Mark and Rachael Carpenter

Senior Pastor

Our Staff

Our leaders are here to serve you;
they look forward to helping you.

Mike Tangeman

Associate Pastor

Kevin Gilbert

Music Director

Brian Kosa

Education Pastor

Eric Bischoff

Business Manager


Take Heritage with you wherever you go.
"We will never be able to reflect God's Words
until our lives reflect His ways." —PASTOR AMSBAUGH


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