Class Age Teacher Location
Nursery 0-2 years old Mrs. Ruth Michaud Auditorium Nursery
Toddler 2-3 years old Mrs. Erin Muessen Room 101
Beginner 4-5 years old Mrs. Shannon Helton Room 103
Primary 1-2 grades Mrs. Linda Muessen Room 107
Junior Boys 3-5 grade boys Mr. Bob Michaud Room 113
Junior Girls 3-5 grade girls Mrs. Robyn Kuschel Room 112

Class Age Teacher Location
Junior High 6-8 grades Mr. Brandon Aylestock Room 207
Senior High 9-12 grades Pastor Kevin Cormican Music Room
College College Age Mr. Dan Helton

Room 205


Class Age Teacher Location
Singles Single/Career Mr. Rick Scarfi Room 203
New Beginnings Married less than 5 years Mr. Ronn Johnson Library
Family Foundations Parents with young kids Mr. Chris Edge Room 115
Home Builders Adult Pastor Brian Kosa Chapel
Berean Adult Mr. Travis Satterfield Auditorium
Young At Heart Adult Pastor Mike Tangeman Room 102
Women of the WordAdult LadiesMrs. Karen AmsbaughRoom 204
Prime Timers Senior Citizens Mr. Mark Bischoff Fellowship Hall
The Second Mile Empty Nesters Mr. Mike O'Donnell Room 114
Escuela DominicalServicios en EspaņolMr. Eduardo Rodriguez200